Features in WP Synchro

Check out this overview of the current features in WP Synchro PRO and more importantly, what you can actually use it for. We will continue to add more useful features in the coming releases.

WP Synchro currently have these awesome features

Pull/Push your site

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Migrate database

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Migrate files

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Search/Replace data

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Database backup

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Preconfigured migrations

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Basic Authentication

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Email notifications

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Clear cache automatically

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Schedule migration

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+ More to come, as we are actively improving and developing it to always suit WP developers

And some of our other qualities

High security

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Email support with developer

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Fast migrations

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Thoroughly tested

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Details on features

Pull/Push your site to another location

Pull data down another WordPress site to e.g. a local site, so you have the latest database and files to work on. Push data is the opposite of pull data. It allows you to push new data to another WordPress site, so they are migrated.

Usage example: Pulling is often used to migrate our local development environments with data from live sites, because it makes development, debugging and helping customers so much easier with real data. Pushing is often used to push development versions to staging environments or directly from development to live.

Documentation: Push/Pull migrations and difference

Migrate database with ease and no errors

Migrate database content between your environments and customize how you want it done.

Usage example: Move a live website database to your local development environment for debugging or for development. Or the other way around, push a new version to a live website. It totally automates the manual process of moving the database.

Documentation: Database migration

Migrate files - No more need for FTP

Migrate the files between your environments. You can choose what to transfer, such as themes, plugins, media or other dirs/files.

Usage example: When downloading a customer site, it is not always enough to migrate the database, as the files might have changed. Such as new plugins versions or new media. So its very useful to also be able to migrate the files.

Documentation: File migration

Search/replace on database sync automatically

Do search/replace in the database migration, to change url's or other data you want changed.

Usage example: When migrating a website there is sometimes certain urls, phrases or other you want to replace when doing the migration. Lets say you have a few local links when developing locally, that you want changed when you push the changes to production. This would be setup as search/replaces.

Documentation: Database migration

Backup database before overwriting

Export database tables to .sql file, before doing database migration, if something should go wrong. Better safe than sorry.

Usage example: It is always recommended procedure to make sure that backups are created in the proper places, at appropriate points in time. Overwriting a database in dev/staging/production should be one of those times. This feature just automates it, so you dont have do anything before executing the migration.

Documentation: Database migration

Preconfigured migrations to make it really easy

Choose a preconfigured setup when creating your migration - Such as 'Migrate entire site' or 'Migrate entire database'. If you just want to move it all, choose one of the preconfiguration and start migrating.

Usage example: Sometimes your migrations needs is just simple - You want to move the entire site with both database and files. Then just choose the proper preconfiguration and skip all the rest of the details.

Documentation: Preconfigured migration documentation

Connect to .htaccess & password protected sites

When having online staging sites or dev sites, you often want to protect them from bots and others accessing them. This is often done by adding username/password protection in .htaccess with Apache and can be done in other ways with other webservers.

Usage example: You have a staging site for your production site, with a user/password protection. In this case, WP Synchro can be configured with this username/password, to automatically login and complete the migration, at the same time being closed for others.

Documentation: WP Synchro with basic authentication

Email notification on success/failure

You can get an email sent to a list of emails, whenever WP Synchro completes a migration. Different lists are used for success and failures. This can be especially nice, when running migration as cron jobs, so you can get notifications on the results.

Usage example: You have created a migration that runs on a cron job every night. So you want to get a notification when it has run successfully and even more importantly, when it fails for whatever reason.

Clear cache after migration on popular plugins

After a successful migration, you often want to clear the cache on the target site, to prevent old content from being shown. We support popular cache plugins, that offer a programmatic way of to clear their cache. Currently we support WP Rocket/WP Super Cache/W3 Total cache/Comet Cache.

Usage example: You have a live production site, where you push a update to. After the migration, you want the cache to be cleared, so the users will be presented with the newest content.

Documentation: Clear cache after migration

Schedule a migration with cron and WPCLI

If you want to run migration on a schedule, such as every night at 03:00 or every 30 minutes. You can do this with WP Synchro, by scheduling a cron job on your hosting platform. How this can be done differs widely depending on hosting, but most hosting allow it. Then you can trigger your already-configured migration to run without you having to trigger it every time.

Usage example: You have a active staging site that is used for experiments, that you want cleared and overwritten by the production site every night.

Documentation: Schedule WP Synchro with cron and WP CLI

Software qualities in more details

High security on migrations

Migration are highly secure, because data gets transferred directly between the two sites and no other servers are involved. We make sure all data is encrypted, even if SSL is not enabled on the site.

Usage example: During database and file transfer, all communications happens between source and target server. No other services (except WP Synchro license server for PRO version) will be contacted and the migration will be secured by the secret access key.

Documentation: High security

Email support directly from WP Synchro developer

We provide high quality email support for WP Synchro. Support requests will be answered by a WP Synchro developer, so you always get the best qualified answer.

Usage example: Support is essential if you are running a business. You would want to avoid wasting a lot of time if you are having problems with migrating. We have probably seen the issue before and can help you along quickly.

Documentation: Troubleshooting Get support

Very fast migration by intelligent transfer

WP Synchro is designed to be as fast as possible. Fast migrations is key for us, because it is all about saving as much time as possible for our users. When moving files, we only transfer the difference

Usage example: When a customer calls in with a problem on their website and it is critical. It becomes very important to be able to help them as quickly as possible. With the push of a button, you would have a copy of their live site and can begin debugging. You can even do other tasks while the migrating is underway.

Massive automated testing to achieve high quality

High quality is a central parameter in WP Synchro and test is a very important part of this. For that reason, we do automated testing in over 200 different environments, with different WordPress version, PHP versions and SQL. If we wanted to run all these test sequentially on our build server, it would take around 24 hours! Hello parallel computing, which reduces it to 'only' 3 hours.

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WP Synchro FREE vs PRO

Check out the comparsion of the free version and pro version, where you can see which features is in the two versions:

Migrate files
File changes dialog, before anything is changed
Schedule migrations via WP-CLI and cron
Database backup
Email notifications on success/failure
Support for Basic Authentication (.htaccess)
Priority support
Removed PRO ads
Email support
Migrate database
Pull data
Push data
Search/Replace in database
Preserve data on sync, such as plugins active
Very fast migrations
Clear cache after migrations
with popular cache plugins


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