Pre-configured migrations

Pre-configured migrations are simply standard migrations that you can choose, instead of defining your own. Sometimes you just want to migrate the entire database and just choose standard settings for that.

We currently have these pre-configured migrations to choose from:

  • Migrate entire site
    • Backup database
    • Migrate all database tables
    • Migrate all files from web root and up (see standard exclusions)
  • Migrate all files
  • Migrate entire database
    • Backup database
    • Migrate all database tables

And the last option, if you want to design your own migration:

  • Custom migration, which lets you create a migration just like you want it

See our guide for fast WordPress migrations with WP Synchro.

We recommend:

Generally it is better to choose/design your own migration.

If you use the pre-configured, you migrate everything, which takes times and power from the server.

A better and faster approach is to only migrate the needed database tables and files/folders.

The best way is to experiment, until you migrate exactly the needed data.

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PRO version makes it possible for you to migrate files between your sites and to automatically make a database backup before migration.
You will get support for Basic Authentication and email notifications on success or failure. You also get access to priority support