DAEV Plugins

We create and maintain WordPress plugins with focus on high quality and high performance.
Having built many WordPress sites ourselves, we are tired of plugins with bad performance, both for users and admins.

The ultimate site migration tool for WordPress developers and expert users, for tasks such as keeping a local test environment in sync with a production site.

With WP Synchro, you can accomplish your migration tasks quickly and effortlessly, allowing for easy re-running without any additional manual intervention, such as after a code update. You have complete control over selecting the database tables you wish to transfer, and in the PRO version, you can even choose which files/directories to migrate.

One of WP Synchro's primary functions is to ensure synchronization between a local development site and a production site, or to keep a staging site in sync with the production site. Additionally, you can effortlessly push data from your staging or local development environment.

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Unified plugin for WordPress is your base plugin for all your sites, delivering all the functionality that most sites need, such as clean responses, page caching, security, emails and more.

Our objective is to provide straightforward functionality that delivers exceptional performance while minimizing memory consumption. However, this approach comes at the expense of not supporting the extensive features found in specialized plugins.

The underlying premise is that prioritizing simplicity, high performance, low memory usage, and effortless setup outweighs the marginal benefit of frontend users experiencing a mere 10ms faster load time with resource-intensive specialized plugins.

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