WP Sync DB alternative

WP Synchro as WP Sync DB alternative - WP Synchro benefits:
  • Free commercial support
  • Continually developed
  • Support newest PHP version
  • Support newest WP version
  • Supports file migration
  • Free version is available
  • 14 day free trial for PRO
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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WP Sync DB is actually just a fork from WP Migrate DB plugin, with some added and removed bits and bytes.

The primary functionality of WP Sync DB is to synchronize database between two WordPress sites.

The problem with WP Sync DB is that no one is actually maintaining it, because they are not the original developers. That presents a lot of problems, such as no one fixing the issues that arise with new WordPress versions and new PHP versions.

That is of course not sustainable in the long run. Especially if you run a business using this often.

WP Synchro as the alternative

In comes WP Synchro, which is a very viable alternative. The free version contains a full database synchronization solution, better and newer that WP Sync DB. This will completely replace WP Sync DB and is commercially supported and developed.

This means that you can have support, even for the free version at the moment. It is under constant development and improvement, so no more errors not getting fixed.

WP Synchro is designed to be the complete migration tool for professional WordPress developers. It was created, because no other tool/plugin existed to do it all (both files and DB), with control over what to move. So perhaps the perfect breed between WP Sync DB, WP Migrate DB Pro, Duplicator and All-in-one-Migration, for professional developers.

A pro version is also available with support for file migration. You can check out the free version from official WordPress plugin repository or try the PRO version with 14 day trial.

Learn more about WP Synchro