Security in WP Synchro

Security is absolutely top priority with WP Synchro, as the primary purpose is to move database and files over the Internet.
For this to work, it means exposing services, that are capable of receiving this kind of data and this needs to be heavily protected.

We have several layers and methods for keeping synchronizations safe:

  • Data is fully encrypted (128 bit AES) and compressed from end to end - even when also using SSL (https://)
  • We verify that data transferred is untouched, to prevent man-in-middle attacks
  • No other servers are involved during synchronization - All data flows directly from site to site
  • No other outside servers are ever contacted by plugin by default, except for WP Synchro license server to validate PRO version
  • The site access key, that can be generated in "setup" menu is the key to the site and is very important to keep secret

Should you ever have any questions about the security of WP Synchro, feel free to contact us.

Still using free version? - Upgrade to PRO with 14 day free trial

PRO version makes it possible for you to migrate files between your sites and to automatically make a database backup before migration.
You will get support for Basic Authentication and email notifications on success or failure. You also get access to priority support