Duplicator alternative

WP Synchro as Duplicator alternative - WP Synchro benefits:
  • Setup once, run multiple times
  • No manual moving of data
  • Designed for WP developers
  • 14 day free trial for PRO
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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Duplicator is a plugin in the site migration family. And a pretty popular one with 1+ million installs.

The concept is fairly simple. It generates a package with the files and database of a site, and making it available to download as a backup or installer to be installed on another sites.

It is fairly easy process to understand and use. A nice quality plugin for the purpose.

But, the easy use also have a major flaw, when you as a developer need to do multiple synchronization several times. Because Duplicator always creates a full site package, which needs to be generated, moved and reinstalled every time. Very clever for one-off migrations, but hopelessly slow for multiple synchronizations.

E.g. If you have a production site and want to retrieve the database or some files 20 times over a period to a local development environment, Duplicator would not be a good choice.

WP Synchro as the alternative

WP Synchro is built to the exact needs of a WordPress developer, because it was built on the actual needs of a WordPress developer.

Instead of being designed to only move entire sites, it is designed to only move the needed database tables and files, with the needed seach/replaces.

The synchronizations needed is set up once and can be run multiple times. No more manual moving. Data is streamed directly to/from the target site, without having to manually handle the data on transfer.

So Duplicator is not a bad product at all. It is more of a backup/restore plugin and just not optimal for professional WordPress developers.

With the WP Synchro free version you can synchronize database content and with the PRO version, file synchronization is also supported.

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