WP Synchro 1.8.2 is now available

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WP Synchro 1.8.2 contains one hotfix type bug and a few other bugs found.

The primary reason for this release is a bug where no search/replaces is done in data, when using a pre-configured migration. This is only a problem if the migration is added or modified on version 1.8.1. That causes the target site to be broken, as it will still reference the source site. When upgrading to 1.8.2 it will remove the migrations you have, where this problem exist in. We understand you might loose some migrations and have to create them again. But we would rather have that, then running a broken one and risking problems on the target site.

Complete changelog for version 1.8.2:

  • Bug: In some cases no search/replaces were done, when using the preconfigured migrations (the affected migrations will be deleted when updating to this version)
  • Bug: Certain MySQL version in 8.0.x range gave problems when migrating to MariaDB, which is now fixed by WP Synchro
  • Bug: Table prefix re-write failed, when there was already data in table with that prefix
  • Improvement: License information is now included with log files

We hope you enjoy this release. Feel free to let us know how it works out for you.