WP Synchro 1.7.0 is now available

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WP Synchro 1.7.0 contains quite a few improvements and also some bug fixes.

Complete changelog for version 1.7.0:

  • Improvement: When doing file synchronization, make it an option to show a confirmation dialog to the user before continuing, so the user can verify the which files will be added/changed and deleted
    In this release, it is not turned on by default, since it is a new feature. But it can enabled by setting preconfigured migration to custom synchronization and enabling it under ‘File synchronization’
    It is expected to be enabled by default on the preconfigured migrations in one of the next releases
  • Improvement: License key for PRO version can now be saved in code, as a PHP constant.
    Define the constant WPSYNCHRO_LICENSE_KEY in wp-config.php or the likes, which will override database value
    Example in wp-config.php: define(‘WPSYNCHRO_LICENSE_KEY’, “XXXXXXXXXXX”);
  • Improvement: Ask users for acceptance to send data to daev.tech about the usage of features – No personal data ofc.
    The data sent can always be seen in synchronization logs, for full transparency.
  • Improvement: Database views can now be migrated, in the same way as normal tables
  • Improvement: Improved health check and added a few more checks to it.
    Also check if using LocalWP on Windows, which has some bugs, that WP Synchro does not like
  • Improvement: Slow hosting setting in Setup menu now also reduces file chunk size per request
  • Improvement: Improved handling of some special characters in filenames for file migration
  • Improvement: Make sure browsers do not autocomplete fields when setting up a sync
  • Improvement: Handle when max_allowed_packet is set to a wrong value
  • Improvement: The table used and created by the plugin is now using more optimized collation
  • Improvement: Added better help to the add installation page, to help users understand what the fields are for and where to get the data needed
  • Bug: When syncing mu-plugins, make sure to do the mu-plugin files last, to make sure dependencies are there
  • Bug: Make sure to migrate user.ini and .htaccess files at the very end, to prevent dependency errors, like loading WAF files etc.
  • Bug: When populating files, do a file_exists just before getting data on it, to prevent problems with files that are created when indexing, but removed when we collect data on it

We hope you enjoy this release. Feel free to let us know how it works out for you.