WP Synchro 1.6.0 is now available

WP Synchro icon

WP Synchro 1.6.0 contains a lot of nice improvements and refactoring to improve the overall state.

Some of the new features are:

  • Email notifications on success and failure
  • Support for Basic authentication (eg. .htaccess password protection)
  • Success and failure hooks for other devs to hook into
  • Clear cache on successful sync with popular caching plugins
  • Massive improvement to file synchronization in terms of speed and reliability
  • Finalize step is now more reliable with very large databases and many tables

Besides all the new functionality, we also did a lot of changes to the stability to have better support for a wider range of hosting solutions. The primary issue we are seeing are timeout issues, so we have made it more reliable and resistant to timeouts.

We know many expected multisite support to be included in this release and it was actually planned, but it is dragging out for several reasons, so we decided to ship this version and continue with multisite for a coming release. It was also planned for previous release, so this time we will just see which release it lands in 🙂

We hope you enjoy it.

Complete changelog for version 1.6.0:

  • Improvement: Better support HTTPS to HTTP migrations, where it previously were dependent on browser. It no longer is
  • Improvement: Remove IP validation, as it was causing too much troubles with only minimal value
  • Improvement: Better support for slow hosting or slow connection speed. Can be enabled in “Setup”
  • Improvement: Better uninstall hook that cleans up the database and files like a good little plugin
  • Improvement: Only keep 20 database backups and logs at any point, to prevent it taking up space
  • Improvement: Support for basic authentication (.htaccess protected sites) on both ends (PRO version)
  • Improvement: Add hooks for successful and failed synchronizations, for devs to hook into (wpsynchro_synchronization_completed / wpsynchro_synchronization_failure)
  • Improvement: Tries to clean cache for popular cache solutions after a successful synchronization (WP Rocket/WP Super Cache/W3 Total cache/Comet Cache)
  • Improvement: Better handles charset and unknown collations – Will now change charset and collation to recommended for WP (utf8mb4)
  • Improvement: Configure email to send email to on successful/failed synchronization (PRO version)
  • Improvement: Remove option to set debug logging and just make it the default
  • Improvement: Add logo to all headers on all pages
  • Improvement: Massively improved database finalize, doing it chunked instead of in one go, that could create problems on sites with many tables
  • Improvement: Rewrote the file population algorithm, to make it much faster and safer to run (PRO version)
  • Improvement: Added new default database search/replace with urlencoded urls, that is used by some page builder plugins
  • Bugfix: Fix problem when it sometimes try to load a file that does not exist in the free version
  • Other: Bump minimum supported WP to 4.9 from 4.7

We hope you enjoy this release. Feel free to let us know how it works out for you.