WP Synchro 1.5.0 is now available

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WP Synchro 1.5.0 contains a lot of improvements and a few, but important bugfixes. We were hoping to also include multisite support, but it simply took longer than expected and we wanted to get this new version out. We hope you enjoy it.

Complete changelog for version 1.5.0:

  • Improvement: Support for replacing url’s inside json data, such as Elementor templates (wp.org issue)
  • Improvement: Finally full support for all MySQL datatypes
  • Improvement: Support for subdirectory sites
  • Improvement: Search/replaces are now editable and removable, even the default ones
  • Improvement: General improvement of error messages given to the user
  • Improvement: Support for WordPress 5.3, which is just around the corner
  • Improvement: Proper message when doing synchronization from HTTPS site to HTTP site, which Chrome no longer allows
  • Improvement: Added option in “setup” menu to disable IP security check – Can be needed if requests pass multiple server
  • Improvement: Proper warning to user on installation creation, if one of the two sites have overlapping paths
  • Improvement: Add check to make sure database user can create tables in the database
  • Improvement: Implement PSR4 autoloading with composer
  • Improvement: More intelligent support for WordPress in its own directory – Such as Roots Bedrock
  • Improvement: Logs are now rotated and will have max 20 logs at any point – older will be deleted
  • Improvement: Added a button on “Logs” page to remove all the logs
  • Improvement: Making it more clear when a “Installation” is new or being edited
  • Improvement: Better deactivation, that now removes the database tables
  • Bugfix: Try to prevent REST service call periodic timeouts, which we have seen some users having trouble with

We hope you enjoy this release. Feel free to let us know how it works out for you.