WP Synchro 1.12.0 is now available

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WP Synchro 1.12.0 is a release with some nice improvements.

One of the most important parts of this release, is the new scheduling system.
We already have a way to trigger WP Synchro migrations with WP CLI, but it can be complicated to setup for most users, because it requires both WP CLI to be installed and access + understanding of linux cron system.

So we needed an additional way of scheduling migrations, that was much simpler. So with 1.12.0 we introduced a new scheduling system in WP Synchro, which is based of the native WP Cron setup that comes with WordPress core.

This new scheduling system requires much less in terms of access to server and therefore is perfect in cases where it is not important to have a exact cron system. This is because the WP Cron system is not really a real cron system compared with linux cron system.

WP Cron requires real traffic to the server, to trigger the cron jobs. And therefore is not ideal if a cron job is required to run on a very specific time.

But in most cases, where you want scheduled migrations, the WP Cron system is fine, as recurring migrations often not is required to run on specific times.

Complete changelog for version 1.12.0:

  • Improvement: Extend cron scheduling system, so migrations can be run with intervals automatically without user intervention and without WP CLI
  • Improvement: Prevent unwanted background update from PRO version to FREE version for some users
  • Improvement: Make it possible to only delete a single log from the "Logs" menu, instead of all or nothing
  • Improvement: Make it possible to download the database backup from a pull migration in "Logs" menu
  • Bugfix: No longer use ini_restore() native php function, because some hosting does not allow it

We hope you enjoy this release. Feel free to let us know how it works out for you.