Subdirectory sites with WP Synchro

WP Synchro do support having sites as subdirectory sites. But there is a few specific scenarios that can cause problems.

Database migrations will work without any problems. But with file migrations, it can create problems if the file paths are overlapping or contains other sites.
As an example, take a look at this directory structure:

WP Synchro in a subdirectory

"public" is the web root and inside that we have site 1 and site 2. Inside site 2, we also have site 3.

So a full web root file migration from site 1 to site 2 will in this case delete site 3, as this is not a part of site 1.

Another possible failure scenario could be that the migration is done from site 2 to site 3, again with full web root migration. This will make a complete copy of site 3, inside side 3.

So in short, you have to be very careful when doing file migrations with sites in a subdirectory structure.

We recommend:

You should not be using subdirectory sites if it is possible to do subdomain sites instead.

So instead of, you would have

All the files of the sites should be in a separate directory, not overlapping with other sites.

This will reduce clutter and all kinds of problems in the future, both with WP Synchro, but also in general with backups etc.

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